History of Cody Fire Department

Cody Volunteer Fire Department began in 1935 with just 11 members in an old barn donated by a farmer. Cody’s early purpose was to be a service to the farmers of the area.

The department purchased its first fire truck, a chemical truck in 1935. In 1955, Cody moved into its present day location on County Route 55, right across the road from the barn. In 1976 Station #2 was built on Wilcox Road.

Throughout its history, Cody has retired many trucks. The trucks still in use today are: 743, a TP purchased in 1993; 741, a TP purchased in 2001; 771, a Squad purchased in 2005; 711, a Rescue/Pumper purchased in 2008; and 772, a Squad purchased in 2010.

In early 1991 Station #1 was demolished to make way for a new building that opened later that year. In 2000, a 60′ addition was added to Station #2.

The fire commissioners of past and present have done an outstanding job with our tax dollars as we have no dept. Everything is owned and paid for.

Even with the recent trend of fire departments having difficulty with recruiting, Cody is proud to have 7 new members that have joined us this year bringing our active membership to 45.

We look forward to continuing our growth and serving and dedicating ourselves to the surrounding communities.

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