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The Frederick G. Rumsey Annual Scholarship was established to honor a man who served with great distinction for 76 years. Frederick Rumsey passed away on Sunday April 10, 2022. Being the longest member in the history of the Cody Volunteer Fire Department and his community.

His timeless dedication to the spirit of service to others and his community has inspired many to a higher level of education and leadership.

Frederick G. Rumsey is and always will be held in the utmost respect by all who knew him and by those who have served beside him.

The Cody Volunteer Fire Department will proudly award the Annual Frederick G. Rumsey Scholarship to a carefully selected applicant who is a 2023 graduating senior from the Fulton G. Ray Bodley High School and a 2023 graduating senior from the Phoenix John C Birdlebough High School, who will be attending a 2 year or 4 year college or university, or vocational school.

Past Winners


Mysteria E.M. Pike ~ 2011

David Johnson ~ 2012

Christine Pensabene & Kate Rothrock ~ 2013

Austin Haskins ~ 2014

Brian Hudson ~ 2015

Paige Noel ~ 2016

Jeremy Herlowski ~ 2017

Kaitlynn Ryan ~ 2018

Destiny Schneider ~ 2019

Hayden Sachel ~ 2020

Mitchell Donaldson ~ 2021

Ryan Nichols~ 2022

Teddy Clayton Jr.~2023


Nicole Fitzgerald ~ 2015

Amanda Briggs ~ 2016

Ryan Luke ~ 2017

Breanna Mitchell ~ 2018

Josh Vangorder ~ 2019

Tina Ali ~ 2020

Brielle DeRoberts ~ 2021

Kelsey Redhead ~ 2022